Spanish Government gives power to neighboring communities to veto tourist rentals


26 Dec 2018

The Council of Ministries approved last 14 December a Royal Decree Law on Urgent Measures in Housing and Rental that sets measures limiting flats rented for touristic purposes. Specifically, the Gonvernment includes a reform of the horizontal property regime that establishes that the exercise of tourism rental activity in a house will require the favorable vote of three fifths of the total owners and quotas. So far, unanimity was needed. Another novelty is that this same qualified majority will be required to establish special quotas and increase in the participation in the common expenses of tourist housing not exceeding 20%.

Parliament must validate it within a month. The Government explained that these measures are not retroactive, therefore will only affect the homes registered as of their implementation.

Official registration for tourist accommodation is mandatory, thus owners willing to rent their houses through platforms like AirBnB or OwnersDirect, amongst other, should do it quickly before the Law is approved.

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