Second edition of GGI’s International Tax and Business Guide released


11 Nov. 2013

The GGI International Taxation Practice Group presented the second edition of the GGI International and Business Guide at the GGI World Conference in Cancun on 31 October 2013.

The book gives a brief and precise overview of conducting business in various countries, with a focus on the aspects of international taxation.

Part one provides the reader with several transnational tax aspects in cross border business. In part two country profiles for 54 countries provide the reader with basic and insider knowledge for doing business in these countries, always using the same schedule. Country profiles provide basic facts such as the language spoken in a particular country, its business hours and national holidays as well as matters pertaining to countries´ legal systems, banking, financial regulatory authorities, tax rates and regulations, auditing and reporting requirements and how to set up a company. In the appendices you can find matrices and tables to detect differences or links between the various countries at a glance.

JC&A Abogados has contributed as author for Spain again. Do not forget to pick up your free copy next time you visit our offices.

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