We have extensive experience in all areas of real estate advice and planning, as well as in urban planning management and execution at both local and national levels. This area includes providing advice to Spanish and foreign developers and building companies, managing real estate and golf developments, providing advice on complex construction contracts and on urban planning agreements, transferring, acquiring and restructuring real estate assets, leases, providing advice on condominium properties and to community of owners and providing any other kind of advice in this area. Our team of experts in Spanish and international taxation (Tax Department) additionally provides ongoing highly specialised support in this area, especially in the design of the most suitable legal and commercial structures to manage real estate assets.

The main areas of specialisation include:

  • Purchase/Sale of real estate and real estate companies
  • Development, construction and technical contracts.
  • Integrated advice to developers.
  • Lease contracts.
  • Organisation of real estate complexes.
  • Community of owners and condominium properties.
  • Planning.
  • Urban planning agreements.
  • Urban planning management.
  • Licences.

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