JC&A Abogados, throughout a complete team of professionals provides professional advice on any issue which could relate to  the area of private rights and to any other legal relationship which could have an effect on its clients’ private lives.. More specifically, it provides advice on conflict resolution, liabilities and contracts, property and derivative rights, wills, marriage, separation, divorce and related issues, inheritance, probate, etc.

The main areas of specialisation include:

  • Liabilities and contracts in general.
  • Marriage, separation and divorce.
  • De facto relationships.
  • Pensions.
  • Amendment of measures.
  • Guardianship and custody.
  • Matrimonial financial arrangements.
  • Declarations of incompetence and appointment of guardians.
  • Inheritances, probate and planned inheritance.
  • Issuance of opinions and reports on any issue concerning legal civil contracts or business.
  • Civil Administrative Law.

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