New regulations for holiday lettings in Andalucia


15 Feb. 2016

On 2 February 2016 the Government of Andaluci­a approved Decree Law 28/2016 for holiday lettings regulations, from which we extract the following main points:

  • The house must have the first occupation license in place.
  • The house must fulfil some technical and quality conditions, such as all bedrooms having direct outdoor ventilation, air conditioned or similar cooling device for those rented from May to September, heating from October to April, first aid boxes, fire extinguisher, fully furnished, price per night indicated, complaints book, bed linen, tableware, help-line telephone, etc.
  • The house must be registered with the Registro de Turismo de Andalucía and the owners must provide a statement of responsibility declaring the commencement of rental activities. Renting a property without said registration will be considered illegal and punishable.
  • A contract indicating name of the landlord, tourism registration number, number of occupants, date of entry and exit, price and help-line number should be provided to the tenants.
  • A registry of travellers must be kept with a copy of the IDs.
  • “Tourist use” homes are those build for residential use that are offered to tourist regularly, advertising on Internet or any type of media press, or marketed thru travel agencies and others.
  • Renting the property to the same tenant for more than two consecutive months will fall out of the scope of this regulations and, therefore, subject to the Law for Urban Rentals. Rural homes are also excluded as they have their own regulation. Landlords owning more than three dwellings in the same building or group of buildings are ruled by Decree 194/2010 for tourism business.

The Decree has been published of February 11 and will come into force in three months.

Registration with the Registro de Turismo de Andaluci­a will be available as from next 11 May.

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