New regulations for holiday lettings in Andalucia


28 Mar.  2016

As we informed in our previous newsletter, the Government of Andalucía approved Decree Law 28/2016 aimed to regulate holiday lettings; this regulation is compulsory for those providing touristic accommodation on a regular basis.

Regularity and tourist use will be presumed when the property is offered through tourism channels (travel agencies, real estate agencies, Internet platforms applications, etc, that offer the property for rent and include the possibility to book for the accommodation).

Further interpretation of the Decree Law leads to the conclusion that houses rented occasionally and sporadically that are not offered through tourist channels would be excluded and therefore regulated by the Law on Urban Lettings. In other words, owners renting their properties occasionally to friends, acquaintances and others not related may fall  outside the regulatory scope of this decree when the properties are not offered through agencies or even an own website that allows booking and shows availabilities.

For those who are not excluded and have to comply with the legal requirements, please check this link to our newsletter with detailed information about this new regulation.


Registration with the Registro de Turismo de Andaluci­a will be available as from next 11 May.

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