Draft of new regulations for holiday lettings prepared by Andalucia’s Regional Government


29 May 2014

Following Cataluña initiative, the draft of Royal Decree for Andaluci­a will establish a registry of all holiday letting for landlords renting properties or even just rooms to tourists for periods of one month or less.

The draft defines “tourist use” homes as those built for residential use that are offered to tourists regularly, advertising on Internet or any type of media press, or marketed thru travel agencies and others. Renting the property to the same tenant for more than one month in a year will fall out of the scope but subject to the Law for Urban Rentals (LAU). Thus, the new regulations concern to private homes occasionally rented out to tourist on a short-term basis but not to properties built exclusively as investments for renting out to tourist. Landlords will obtain an identification number to be shown on any publication or promotion.

The draft establishes certain requirements for the homes to be rented out, such as all bedrooms having direct outdoor ventilation, air conditioned or similar cooling device for those rented from April to October, first aid boxes, fire extinguisher, fully furnished, price per night, etc.

Penalties may vary from 2.000 to 150.000 euros.

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