DOM3 Strategic Forum


13 May 2015

DOM3, the Association of entrepreneurs promoting high quality homes in Marbella, Estepona and Benahavi­s, organized a Luxury Real Estate Forum last April 10. The forum took place in the brand new Felipe VI theater and auditorium of Estepona.

More than 300 entrepreneurs and professionals related to real estate business met, as well as authorities such as the Major of the city of Estepona, the General Director of Turespaña and the President of the Malaga County Council (Diputacion).

The goal of the forum was to laid the foundations for envisioning the future of the Luxury Real Estate in the area, allowing strategic planification. The speakers analyzed the potential client, the urbanistic regulations limiting the available space for such constructions, the new technologies applicable to the construction and equipment as well as domotics, the foreseeable legal and fiscal environment, the supply of infrastructure and public services, and the different aspects relating to design, quality, comfort and private services.

One of the main conclusions was that the profile of the buyer is polarizing, aging due to European pensioners and retired persons moving to Spain, and rejuvenating due to the young client under 40 who can work from home, whose family with kids lives in Spain meanwhile he/she travels constantly.

Therefore it was demanded to the authorities to pay attention to high-end residential tourism and not only to holiday tourism, to invest in telecomunication that is essential for executives and professionals, to ammend the tax legislation becoming competitive and attractive, to invest in high standard international colleges and hospitals, sport facilities, health care and wellness.

You can read the conclusions in the link below (in Spanish only):

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