Do what you love and love what you do


29 Dec. 2014

At JC&A Abogados we are passionate about what we do, proud of the job well done and lucky for the people we work with.

Last night I was watching a TV program about a well-known British luxury car brand, and I was fascinated by the guy who polished the car. He was completely devoted to his “art” of polishing the beautiful car till its perfection, time and again. Doing this every single day may seems not the most interesting thing in the world but the chap was delighted, loving what he was doing. Why? Because he was not just polishing a car but trying to give the best polishes ever, on one of the best cars of the world for a discerning client.

I found myself in this happy fellow and I realized that I am doing what I love to do.

We are passionate about what we do at JC&A Abogados.  Seeking for excellence and standing by our principles, we have found the way to be a sustainable boutique Law firm growing every year.

We are proud of the job well done. Being up to date with constant changes in national and international law is a challenge we like to face and we are prepared to.  Knowing that we are providing quality professional services is gratifying, and working with clients who appreciate being well informed and advised is rewarding.

We are lucky working with people we like to work with.  Our selected clients allow us to be creative and to develop our professional expertise to the top, but they are also a source of inspiration and knowledge from which we learn every day. Our highly skilled collaborators sharing our principles allow us to spread and expand our working philosophy to those who may appreciate and value it. Our qualified and professional staff is a strong and well coordinated team that allows us to offer a proactive and personalized service.

And we have fun on what we do.

By Santiago Lapausa


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