2021 Wealth Tax in Andalucía


13 Jan 2021

State Wealth Tax top marginal rate has increased by 1 point as approved last December 31 by General Budget Law 11/2020. The tax rate rises from 2,5% to 3,5% for fortunes exceeding 10.696.000 EUR.

This is the State tax scale for 2021:

Escala IP 2021 estatal

Wealth Tax is completely shifted to Regional Governments. The Government in Andalucía does not apply the State tax scale but its own scale, approved by Law 3/2020 published on December 31 for the fiscal year 2021.

State Wealth Tax is applicable to non-residents. The regional wealth tax legislation is applicable to individuals residing in the region, and optional to EU residents if more favorable than State Law; EU residents are eligible to apply the law of the region where the Spanish asset of higher value is located at.

UK residents are no longer eligible to chose after 01.01.2021.

This is the Andalucía tax scale for 2021:

Escala IP 2021 Andalucia

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